Child Advocates Board of Directors

Buzz Crouch                                                                              President
Child Advocates of Nevada County               Board Member Since 2015
Buzz was Born in Fullerton, California. In 1974 he married Mardi Naythons and they have two sons. Buzz was previously the head waiter at Selaya's restaurant where he met his eventual business partner and friend, Peter Selaya.  Together, Buzz and Peter opened New Moon Cafe in Nevada City in November of 1997 and have been working together now for nearly 30 years.
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Reid Luhman                                                                             Secretary
Child Advocates of Nevada County               Board Member Since 2010
Reid Luhman’s career has been entirely within the field of public education. He served as a sociology professor at Eastern Kentucky University for 27 years. Following his retirement, he returned to his native California where he has spent more than a decade working with K-12 education in the areas of educational technology and grant writing.  He is also the author of three text books in the field of sociology.
Rachel Peña Roos                                                                               
Child Advocates of Nevada County               Board Member Since 2019
Rachel Peña Roos, LCSW is with Victor Community Support Services, where she has served as Executive Director since 2011. She worked with Nevada County Child Protective Services from 1999-2011 as a social worker and program manager. Rachel earned her MSW at UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare, and her BA in Child Development at Humboldt State University. Rachel lives in Nevada City with her husband and 2 teenaged children. She is very proud to serve on the board of Child Advocates. 
Dan Heibel                                                                                            
Child Advocates of Nevada County               Board Member Since 2016
Dan has lived in Lake Wildwood since August, 2006. Dan is a Graduate of Notre Dame and has worked as an Electronics Engineer. Dan is married to Noni and they have two adult children. Dan served on the Child Advocates Board of Directors from 2006 until 2014 and has returned in 2016 to serve on the Board again. Dan has extensive community involvement including Bear Yuba Land Trust, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Interfaith Food Ministry and the annual Nevada County Toy Run. Dan enjoys hiking, golf, skiing and history. 
Susan Nance                                                                                            
Child Advocates of Nevada County               Board Member Since 2017
Susan is a Marriage and Family Therapist who has lived in Nevada City for 28 years.  She was one of the first CASA volunteers when the local program was created by Child Advocates 25 years ago.  Susan served on the Board of Directors for SYRCL from 1990 to 1995.  She grew up in San Francisco, and raised two children in Nevada City. Now that her children, Emma and James, are grown, she is ready to put energy into the community again and looks forward to supporting local children and families by serving on the Child Advocates of Nevada County Board of Directors.

Special Advisors to Board

Rebecca Slade                                                                                          Child Advocates of Nevada County               Board Member Since 2018
Rebecca Slade recently retired as the Behavioral Health Director of Nevada County. During her tenure as Director the County opened the Crisis Stabilization Unit with the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and opened a new residential substance abuse facility.  She was responsible for a 28 million dollar budget and had 43 direct employees and approximately 90 contract employees. Previous to being the Director she was the Program Manager for Nevada County Children’s Behavioral Health.  During her tenure at Children’s Behavioral Health she helped to create the Children’s system of care, where all agencies who worked with children worked as one team and the number of children being treated increased fourfold.  New services were created , especially for high risk youth.  
Earlier in her career Rebecca worked for San Diego County Child Welfare, where she was responsible for starting a number of new programs.  She started the Family Group Conferencing Unit and the therapy team for children in the Detention Center.  She was the Law Enforcement  liaison for the County working closely with Law Enforcement on large drug raids. 
Rebecca is a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, loves to garden and hike.

The Honorable Albert Dover, retired
Julia Amaral                                                                                    
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