Children for Children
Event Sponsorship

Your sponsorship helps Child Advocates produce a top-notch event and raise much-needed funds to support our child-centered programs. Our event marketing and publicity in local media outlets, online, and during the concert spotlights your values and connects you or your business to thousands of families and retirees who share your commitment to helping Nevada County’s children grow up safe, secure, and ready for the future.


Thank you for your support! Together we can make a difference in the lives of children. In celebrating the
creativity and optimism of youth, our event is truly a showcase of hope for the future and a powerful vehicle for
spreading compassion, respect, caring, and collaboration to a broad range of Nevada County’s community. We
all share the responsibility for the world our children will inherit, and your investment today will ensure opportunities for
youth and a bright world tomorrow.

Download: Sponsorship Information and Sponsorship Form