Expectations of Puppeteer


Objective: to teach young children to stand up for themselves and keep safe from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse


Job responsibilities:


BE ON TIME: Schools have scheduled our presentations months ahead of time. Several classrooms are waiting for our arrival the day of a show. If you don’t come or are late, it creates a gigantic problem and a lot of embarrassment. You are incredibly essential and must think and plan ahead to make sure you are on time and ready for every performance you do.


DRESS WELL: You are a teacher, a role model, working in a professional capacity, so you need to follow not just your school’s dress code, but also the dress code of the elementary school to which you are going. Dress to reflect the importance of what you’re there to do. When you do a show, you are in an adult and professional world. Please be sure to wear your Child Safety Puppeteers T-shirt. 


FOCUS: When you’re at a school, focus on what needs to be communicated to the kids. Show them respect by taking your job seriously. No texting during a show (your phones should stay in the car), no talking or giggling behind the curtain. Put your most mature self forward! You may be saving a child’s life.


VALUE YOUR AUDIENCE: Interact respectfully with the kids and teachers at the school. Sing when it’s time to sing. Watch what’s going on in case there’s a child in trouble. Never forget how important you are. These kids are watching your every move and will take cues from you about whether or not what they are hearing is important.


EARN SELF-RESPECT: The more you put into the show and your interaction with the kids, the more you will earn and deserve self-respect and the admiration of others. It’s worth it!

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