Three Programs, One Mission:

to help Nevada County’s children grow up safe,

secure, and ready for the future.


No one succeeds without key relationships and support.  


Child Advocates of Nevada County provides emotional and practical support to help children overcome trauma and isolation caused by abuse and neglect so that they can rise to their potential.

Using the best practices of CASA and Healthy Families America, along with a fun and engaging puppet show program, we model healthy relationships and provide respectful, caring mentorship.  We lift lives by helping others to recognize and build on their strengths. 

Learn more about the long term health effects of childhood trauma from pediatrician,
Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris, MD
Learn more about our program from Joyce Ash, Program Manager of Healthy Babies. Our program is fully accredited through Healthy Families America, a nationally acclaimed, evidence-based home visiting program.

Hear how CASA works within your community from the perspective of attorneys, parents, a judge, and a former CASA child who aged out of the program.

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More Resources:

What Every Child Needs – The 40 Developmental Assets

Who is at Greatest Risk for Abuse and Neglect? Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to understand who is at risk. 

Child Maltreatment - The Problem at a Glance:  This fact sheet from the Center of Disease Control describes the serious problem of child abuse.

To report suspected abuse and neglect, please call the Child Protective Services 24 hour emergency line at (530) 273-4291, or for more information, click here.